Where to Buy Inflatable Water Slides?

Do you want to get an inflatable water slide? If yes, you have across the right article. Water slides are equally enjoyable for both kids and adults. Yes, we know you like them too even if you keep telling yourself the contrary. The summer would soon be around the corner. We don’t know for sure when the world can be normal again. As we are all trying to stay inside and be responsible, why not have some fun on your backyard?

 The water slide industry is whole another thing and if you are clueless where to get one from, don’t worry we tell you exactly which ones and where. So let’s not waste any more time and get into it.

1. Amazon

As you could probably guess, Amazon is obviously going to be the number on this list. Amazon is home to millions of products and we all like to go on a little shopping spree on this site from time to time. There is a huge range of inflatable water slides available on here. The price range can go anywhere from $100 to $1500

2. Walmart

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a small Walmart haul? Walmart sells an enormous range of inflatable water slides on their website and you don’t have to even pay shipping charges for most of them. They have many brands available like Superpower, Banzai, Intex, Costway etc. The price range is as low as $30 to $5000. Sounds crazy? Go them check out.

3. Inflatables

Inflatables is a very renowned brand and they have dedicated themselves to serve the water splashing and sliding needs of kids and adults. They have many different themes designed such as Princess Party, Pirate, Circus, Space, Jungle and so much more. Anyone and everyone can get their lifelong wish come true through their commercial grade inflatables. They also offer different financing methods as their prices can start from $1000 to even $9000.


POGO understands that you would want to play on the water slide too, which is why they are offering two types of water slides. Vinyl Crossover slides is designed for the kids with price ranging from $800-1300 or more. It is made up of high resistant vinyl material and is recommended for people who wouldn’t get on these slides more than 2 times/week.

The Commercial Inflatable Water Slides is for everyone which would be around $1500 to $8000. It is their rental or commercial use service; you can rent them for a birthday party or other events. They have an amazing dedicated sales expert team who can recommend you what to get within minutes. Check them out to know more!

Final Words

As we have provided you some of the available options to get your own inflatable water slides, we hope that it could be helpful. Making up your mind on which one to get can be difficult as it can be quite an investment. We would recommend you to first have a budget and then look for your options. For affordable water slides, Amazon and Walmart are recommended. Otherwise, you can obviously opt for the expensive options too. Hope you enjoy water sliding!

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