How Much Does a Water Slide Cost?

Didn’t we all want our own water slide at some point of our lives? Don’t even try to deny, because this time we are all on the same boat with you. Now that we are officially out of ways to keep ourselves distracted and your backyard looks empty anyway.

Why don’t you fulfill age old dream and make your kids love you even more by getting your personal water slide. But how much does water slide cost? Is it expensive? Do you have to save some bits of your earnings for it? Don’t worry; this article is for you because we will be covering them now.

The price range of the water slides can vary on your criteria. If you want to build a permanent water slide, yes with the proper setup, it can cost around $100,000-120,000 to build. There are other costs for the maintenance, insurance policy and many other factors which we can write about for some other time. Obviously if you don’t want to commit to such a big investment, the inflated water slides are the one for you. 

Inflated water slides can be also chosen based on who is getting on them. We are assuming that you would want to become a kid with your children too. No, we completely support you on that and we are here for it. The material and your budget is what you have to look out here.

Water Slides for Kids

As the category suggests, these water slide options will not be as strong as the one for adults. These water slides are cheaper in quality and cannot handle an adult’s body weight. In case, if you lose your resistance when you see a water slide you can try but we don’t recommend you that. The price range for such water slides would be around $150-1000. You can check out various brands and the prices are going to depend on the type of design you want.

Water Slides for Both Kids and Adults

As the water slides cater to two different sets of human beings, you might have already guessed their price range. These water slides have the price range from $1000-2500 or even more. The materials are far stronger in this one, not some cheap polyester or nylon. Getting these water slides would be a better investment. They can last for 2-3 summers highest and you have more fun with it. You don’t want to get a new water slide every year, do you? So, it definitely is a better option. 


We hope that we could clear some of your doubt regarding getting your water slide. Water slide are an amazing way to enjoy the summer with your kids within the boundaries of your home. Your kids will definitely appreciate these moments when they grow up and you can cherish them forever. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for good times like these, we would recommend you that to get a water slide that you can both enjoy.

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