Best Choice Products Inflatable Bouncer House Castle Kids Jumper W/O Blower

Product Name:Best Choice Products Inflatable Bouncer House Castle Kids Jumper W/O Blower
Brand:Best Choice Products
Size:12'(L) x 8’(W) x 7’(H)
Weight Limit:Maximum 300lbs.
Best Choice Products Inflatable Bouncer House Castle Kids Jumper W/O Blower (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)

We have been renting bounce houses every year for my sons birthday, so it just makes sense that we now own one. This Inflatable Bouncer from Best Choice Products is perfect for our yard and my son absolutely LOVES it. It gets him outside and keeps him moving!

As you can see from my video, set up is super easy. This particular bouncer does not come with a blower, but you can find them easily on Amazon. From taking it out of the package to jump time was less than 10 minutes. You get 4 bright orange stakes to hold the bouncer in place. There are 4 metal clips, one on each corner of the bouncer where the stakes go. Once the bounce house is secured to the ground, you attach the blower to the back. There are two separate airways on the back of the bouncer, an intake and outtake. You connect the blower to the intake and tie off the outtake to inflate the bouncer. Once you turn on the blower, the bouncer is fully inflated in less than 2 minutes. My son was jumping and having fun in no time at all!

There are 2 separate entrances on the bouncer, one on the side and one in front where the slides are. The mesh walls are excellent for keeping the kids safe from falling out and great for parents to keep an eye on the jumpers. Take down is just as easy as set up! Just shut the blower off and untie the outtake, the castle will start to deflate. Today it started raining out of nowhere while my son was jumping. I did not want the bouncer to get wet so we deflated it as fast as we could. It took less than 10 minutes to have it deflated, folded and packed away in the storage bag that comes with the castle. Being made of heavy-duty vinyl and nylon material, this bouncer is very durable and built to last. My son kept hugging me and telling me “Mom, this is the best day of my life!

Reviewed by:  FLU99


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